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With the change in global trend, it is now not unusual for people to come out of love with tattoos. Tattoos are usually created with the injections of colored ink into the skin that results in permanent decorative images. Day by day craze of Tattoo is spreading across the world and some people generally symbolize their love of someone or something with one small tattoo or covering their whole body. While the rest of people get tattoos just to show off as a cool fashion. Although there are a plenty of reasons why people love to decorate their body with tattoos, still there may be various reasons people take a decision to remove the tattoo.

Also, current advancements in medical procedures especially in cosmetic surgery offer various tattoo removal techniques as a permanent solution to get rid of all these unwanted tattoos decorations on the skin. You may consult your dermatologist about the available options.

How to decide an ideal candidate for Tattoo removal?
Reasons to go for a tattoo removal may vary from person to person, however only these reasons are not the limiting factors to determine a qualified candidate. A patient must be having in a good physical and mental state, as well as having the realistic expectations and goals for the procedure. A person should first consult with a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist for an expert solution.

Tattoo Removal Types and procedure
The effectiveness of the tattoo removal depends on the depth, type and color of ink used. Various types of methods used for tattoo removal are;

  • Excision method: This surgical procedure is generally used for the excision of a small tattooed area of skin and finally closes it with stitching. In larger tattoos, first the tattooed skin is removed and then a skin graft from another part of the body is used to cover the removed area.
  • Dermabrasion Surgery: In this procedure, the scraping of the layers of the skin is performed to remove the tattoo with the help of a rotary abrasive tool.
  • Laser Surgery: In this procedure, the tattoo ink within the skin is removed with multiple laser treatments. It is performed by a surgeon who can control the width as well as the wavelength (or color) of the laser beam. Different colors of tattoo ink are removed by utilizing different wavelengths of a laser beam to break up the ink. A laser surgery allows a precise focus to eliminate the tattoo area without harming the surrounding skin.
  • Salabrasion: This age-old procedure involves aggressive rubbing on the tattooed skin with salt water or a salt sanding block to abrade the area. This alternative procedure is a relatively painful procedure and prone to scarring.

Presently, Laser tattoo removal techniques are becoming more popular than other to get rid of your unwanted tattoo with minimal side effects.

What should a patient expect during a laser tattoo removal procedure?

  • A patient will be provided a pair of protective eye shields.
  • Patient’s skin will be tested for any skin’s reaction to the laser and determine the most appropriate and effective wavelength for the treatment.
  • An intense laser beam is allowed to pass through the upper layers of skin that will be absorbed by the tattoo inks only.
  • Usually, smaller tattoos require fewer pulses than the larger ones. In both tattoo types, several sessions of laser treatments will be required for an overall eradication of a tattoo.
  • Although laser tattoo removal procedure can be uncomfortable for many patients, still it is performed without using anesthesia. However, as per the location of the tattoo, it may require a topical anesthesia cream beforehand.
  • An ice pack is applied immediately after the laser treatment to soothe the treated area.
  • Finally, an antibiotic cream or ointment is applied along with a bandage to protect it from external infections.

Also, a person should make sure the treated area is covered with a sunblock while going outside.

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