April 4, 2018

Are you 15-45 and have a Diagnosis of Lupus

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Lupus can affect any part of the body; however, most people experience symptoms in only a few organs.

1. Lupus is an incurable chronic autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in various parts of body. The disease can range from mild to life-threatening.
2. 90% of the people with lupus are women 80% of them developed lupus between age 15 and 45.
3. The Cause of lupus is unknown. Scientists believe that individuals are genetically predisposed to lupus, and that environmental factors “trigger” the symptoms.
4. With proper treatment, most people with lupus can live a normal life span.

Common Lupus Symptoms

  • Symptoms of SLE may vary widely between individuals.
  • Brain: Persistent and unusual head-aches, memory loss, or confusion.
  • Mouth and Nose: Sores in-Side the mouth and/or nose.
  • Lungs/Heart: Shortness of breath and/or pain in the chest.
  • Fingers, toes, or the tip of the nose may turn white or blue with exposure to cold or during stressful situations. Fatigue and unexplained fevers.
  • Eyes: Dry or puffy eyes, and increasing sensitivity to light.
  • Skin: A butterfly rash on the face usually over the cheeks and bridge of the nose or other rashes that can worsen with sun exposure.
  • Stomach: Nausea, vomiting recurring and persistent abdominal pain, bladder infections, and blood in urine.
  • Legs: Persistent pain and swelling of the legs, joints and feet.

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